Horse owners avoiding prosecution in Tipp

Photo: Mattie McGrath TD

It’s claimed some horse owners in Tipperary are avoiding prosecution for animal cruelty by failing to microchip their animals.

Mayor of Clonmel Catherine Carey has highlighted the problem with ownership following the recent discovery of neglected horses around Tipperary – 8 were found dead in recent weeks while one had to be put down due to severe malnourishment.

Councillor Carey has backed calls for a horse warden for the county who would ensure that individuals are taking full responsibilty for their actions.

She says the owners of the horses have not been found and she doesn’t expect that they will make themselves known.

Action for Animal Welfare Ireland and Councillor Carey are holding a public meeting on this Monday, January 8th at 7pm in Hearns Hotel in Clonmel.
The meeting will discuss animal cruelty and finding a way to hold owners accountable.