Gardaí promise crackdown on dog thefts

Photo from Garda Press

Gardaí in Tipperary are to carry out multi-agency checkpoints to help tackle the growing issue with dog thefts.

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has received the assurance, which states that Gardaí will carry out these checkpoints in consultation with the Tipperary County Council dog warden.

Dog thefts have become an issue of grave concern recently, with most believed to be transported abroad to supply demand in the UK.

Deputy McGrath is calling these “heinous crimes”.

“We see them going along with drones and then identifying with cable ties – one cable tie or maybe two or three for the number of dogs in a house.”

“I’m delighted that Chief Superintendent Derek Smart has organised this special check for dog theft – many people are concerned about it and its high time there was.”

“But I would also have to call on the public to stop buying from these people – if they weren’t buying from them they wouldn’t have a market.”