Alliance of employers and state bodies to drive rejuvenation of region including Tipperary post-COVID

Photo from Pixabay

An alliance of employers and state entities have come together to drive a rejuvenation of the mid-west region during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The ‘Regional Covid-19 Response Group’ is focusing heavily on retraining people who’ve lost their jobs in recent months across Tipperary, Limerick and Clare.

The Response Group has been launched as a Covid-19 economic recovery programme, featuring a mix of employers and state entities such as local authorities and local third level institutions.

The plan aims to roll-out online retraining programmes to target those displaced in the tourism, retail, hospitality and allied sectors.

Of 220,000 people employed in the region, 48,000 are working in those areas.

The Group is working with 100 students immediately, and has a long-term plan of capturing regional data to inform the Government about additional training and upskilling required post Covid-19.

It’s part of the Group’s plan to make the Mid-west the most digitally connected and envirnmentally sustainable peripheral region in the EU.