A Quick Cuppa with … Paul Marsh – Comedian

A quick cuppa with… Paul Marsh – Comedian (and paramedic, and member of Dublin Fire Brigade… and all round nice guy!!)

Favourite 80s tune?

I could talk 80’s all night, I was a DJ for years and 80’s music was my forte, but myself and a bunch of friends have a arty peice where we sing Caravan of Love by the Housemartins, so i’ll have to go with that.

Who was the last person you complimented?

Last person I would have complemented would probably be another comedian. We judge jokes on a scale of ‘like it, love it, hate you cos i didnt think of it’. So you’d often compliment a comedian by saying something like “that bit you did about Ryanair, I hate you!”

What career would you choose other than this one?

If not in my current job I’d love to be a radio DJ, I love all types of music and I can talk for Ireland!

What colour crayon would you be?

The colour crayon I’d be would be yellow. I like to brighten things up, but i’m happy to be in the background too

What song tells the story of your life?

The song that tells the story of my life…soppy answer for you, but when i was going out with my wife, I rang her from Galway and got her voicemail. Foreigners ‘I’ve been waiting for a girl like you’ was playing on the radio and I turned up the volume and sang the song into her voicemail. Now every trip I go on I ring straight through to her voicemail and sing it….a kinda running joke. I should add, I can’t sing to save my life! But I wouldnt be doing any of this without her patience and support.

Are you a coffee or tea person?

I’m coffee mad! I went on a strict diet recently for a week and coffee was the thing i missed most!

Most famous persons number in your phone?

I think i have most Irish comedians in my phone, It’s hard to say which is the most famous! But the one I would ring the most would be Karl Spain; he’s my Mr. Miyagi.!!

What was your last meal?

Last meal was a home made burger. I make a mean burger if I do say so myself! I have a bit of an obsession with burgers! I gig all over the UK and I’ll google the best burger in that city before I go.

Last TV show you watched?

Last TV show I watched was ‘Crashing’, starring Pete Holmes as a wanna be comedian; its hilarious! I’m currently watching ‘Barry’, a comedy about a hitman who wants to be an actor.

If you found €5 on the street what would you do?

I used to work in the airport and if you found money , which was regularly, it went to charity, so that’s what I’d do with it, I’ve stuck to that rule. When you do comedy in Dublin, you keep late hours, parking up on the Quays, doing a gig and wondering home late, so you get to know the homeless guys by name. If we ever do charity gigs, we tend to do them for homeless charities, as they do great work around the city.

Finish the sentence: All I want is…….?

All i want is….to keep doing comedy cos i’m having a ball

Paul’s upcoming gigs:
Headline Cherry Comedy, Dublin on the 16th April and the Laughter Lounge 26/27/28th of April. His new one man show will tour in september, venues and dates to be announced…

To find out more on Paul’s upcoming gigs visit facebook.com/pg/mrdeadsound/events/