How To Play

How to Play:-

Purchase your Radio Bingo book at a cost of €4 from any of the participating stores.

Tune into Tipp FM each day Monday to Friday to play.

Each bingo book has five sheets – one for each day – which is colour coded. Each day the radio presenter will announce the colour of the page relevant for that day’s Radio game.

Each coloured daily sheet has three panels with 15 numbers on each panel. On the opposite page to the daily sheet you will find 45 numbers – you should mark these off the panels on the coloured sheet for that day.

Radio Bingo is played using 90 numbers so the 10 numbers drawn daily will be drawn from the 45 remaining numbers for that day. If you fill a panel from the 10 numbers called out On-air then you are a daily winner – bear in mind that there might be more than one person who fills a panels each day in which case you will share in the prize money

Daily Prize:-

The prize starts at €300. If the money is not won on a given day then it rolls over by €50 to the next day and so on until it is won.

Each time the prize money is won it starts again at €300 the following day.

The jackpot starts at €3000 and grows in €500 weekly increments until it is won.

There will be various other prizes and bonus games played at different times of the year.


The jackpot number is called out on a Tuesday

On Jackpot day, the Jackpot number for that day will be called out prior to the daily numbers and will be put back into the drum. If the Jackpot number is called out from the daily numbers and you complete a panel, you are the winner of the Jackpot.

If the Jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the following week