West Tipp shopkeeper unhappy with location for Covid-19 testing

    Photo courtesy of Google Maps

    A shop owner in Golden says their trade has been decimated following the cluster of Covid-19 cases at a local mushroom farm.

    Anthony Casey from the Spar outlet in the West Tipp village says confirmation of the outbreak saw an 80% reduction in the first two days with business still down 60%.

    Speaking on Tipp Today he said Walsh Mushrooms had offered a site for the testing of staff to be carried out.

    He has questioned why it took place in the church car park rather that at their workplace.

    “That was the ruination of the village of Golden being quite honest about it because people were just so afraid.”

    “And then in fairness to all the people that are working there they all had to walk down that lane one-by-one to get checked. That should have been done in their own environment – in the workplace – at Walsh Mushrooms.”

    Listen back to Anthony’s interview on Tipp Today: