Tipperary postman welcomes new An Post measures to help those in self-isolation

Photo: © anpost.ie

A local postman is welcoming greater measures being taken by the service to help those in self-isolation.

Nenagh-based independent councillor Séamus Morris says it’s “no surprise” that An Post has linked up with the Communications Workers’ Union to check-in with older and vulnerable people at least once a week.

The measures also include a free mail and parcel pick up service from housebound customers and a newspaper-ordering and delivery service.

Mr Morris says that postal staff and householders are taking every precaution at this time during deliveries:

“Anyone I meet is standing back. You know, they’re standing back from the van or they’re keeping two metres. I’ve met nobody that isn’t acting responsibly at the moment.

“I’m sure every post person would know the people that they’re delivering to – they’d know them personally. And if someone wants the newspapers delivered, or if they want us to check on people, you could knock on a window or knock on a door. You don’t necessarily have to come within two metres of them. The newspapers can be delivered through the post box, the same as the mail.”