Tipperary pharmacist urging people not to stockpile medication

Many pharmacies in Tipperary are noting a decrease in footfall this week as the public comes to terms with Covid-19 restrictions.
It comes as parents are being advised to avoid bringing young children to their store
Nenagh-based pharmacist Denis Finnerty says that many people are heeding advice, but warns the public to continue following social distancing protocols and to be patient and courteous with staff in-store.
Medication supplies remain strong, and the public are being urged not to attempt stockpiling.
As pharmacists continue rolling out strict Covid-19 measures, Mr Finnerty has this advice for families:
“Children should never come to the pharmacy now. The pharmacy is a risky environment and we need to ensure that kids who are possibly the main spreaders of this disease do not come to the pharmacy.
“Again, we ask people to observe good respiratory hygiene, to disinfect their hands when they enter. Just to keep those ideas in the top of their minds all of the time.”