Tipperary GP outlines new rules for COVID-19 testing which come into effect today

Stock photo, provided by HSE, of testing at Moyle Rovers GAA Club

Those who have not yet received a test date for Covid-19 will have to get back in touch with their GP if they are worried about their symptoms.

Changes have been introduced to reduce the number of people being tested, whereby those with two or more symptoms will now be the only ones tested.

This is part of attempts to reduce a significant backlog at the nation’s 41 testing locations, including Moyle Rovers GAA club near Clonmel and the Derg Centre in Nenagh.

Local GP Dr Pat Harrold outlines the changes which come into effect today:

“Patients who’ve already had their tests will be processed as normal. If you received an appointment for a test, you should attend. Anybody who didn’t fall into those twocategories will have their referrals cancelled.

“So if they still feel sick they should get back in contact with their GP.

“The other thing is that GP’s have no role in telling people their test results – we’re the last ones to know.

“If it’s negative, you’ll get the text and if it’s positive, you get a phonecall for contact tracing.”