School Meals Programme to be provided to children in need during Easter Holidays

Photo © Pixabay

The decision to allow schools to provide the School Meals Programme to children who need it most during the Easter Holidays has been described as very welcome but problematic by a Tipperary school principal.

The Department of Education approved the move yesterday asking schools to consider providing weekly boxes of non-perishable, nutritious goods.

Louise Tobin is Principal of St Joseph’s in Tipp Town spoke to Fran Curry on Tipp Today about the logistics of distributing the boxes:

“A lot schools provided the lunch to all the pupils in the school. So they’re now being asked to maybe have a look at this and identify the most needy. They want this to start on Monday.

“Now this news only came out yesterday and, you know, we’re very lucky we can work from home, but as school leaders, it is quite a challenge to manage a school remotely.”