Local consultant fears we could end up in lockdown again

    Photo from Pixabay

    A Nenagh-based endocrinologist says she’s pleased with the country’s progress on Covid-19, but concerned about a possible resurgence.

    Consultant Dr Mary Ryan believes that the economy is reopening too fast, and is particularly worried about the resumption of contact sports in the coming weeks.

    Restrictions will be eased again next Monday, allowing for the reopening of pubs and restaurants.

    But Dr Ryan says the hard work in eliminating the virus isn’t over yet.

    “I would be concerned that we’re opening up a bit too fast and you heard Dr Tony Holohan talking yesterday about the under 35s – that there is an increase in parties.”

    “The big problem there is when alcohol has been consumed people just are not as aware of what they should be doing so I suppose that’s his worry.”

    “And while we’re doing amazing it would be dreadful it we were to go backwards and end up going into another lockdown – that’s what we don’t want.”

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