Group of Tipperary students help to brighten up the day for senior citizens

Photo from Nenagh College

A group of students from Nenagh College are helping to brighten up the day for senior citizens.

They are taking part in an initiative organised by English teacher Rebecca Kinsella which sees them interact with the elderly in their area.

She asked students to play their part in alleviating loneliness among residents of local nursing homes who are not allowed to have visitors during this time:

“I was just thinking, oh my God, they must be so lonely and bored and cut off from the world. So I said it to my first and second years, ‘would you like to send them a letter that might make them feel a bit better?’

“I can’t believe the response that the students have given me. They’re coming with letters constantly.

“So the students write their letters at home and then they send me a picture and I print it off and post it to the nursing home and then they reply to my address, I take a picture of the responses and send it on to the students. So they’re communicating that way.”