Gardaí can act if people in Tipperary and around the country don’t comply with new rules

Photo © Tipp FM

Groups of people who congregate in Tipperary can expect the Gardaí to intervene in the wake of new guidelines on social gatherings.

In a bid to curb the spread of Covid-19 groups of more than 4 people cannot gather unless they are from the same household.

Speaking on Tipp Today earlier Culture Minister Josepha Madigan said such gatherings can and will be dispersed:

“The Gardaí will increase intervention where venues are not in compliance or where there are groups of people that aren’t adhering to recommended physical distancing.

“I think the Taoiseach mentioned in his speech that in Ireland, we’ve always tried to police this country by consent rather than by coercion, and I think that’s an important point to be made.

“Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but the legislation is there that they can act if needs be.”