Battle to eradicate Japanese Knotweed in Tipperary continues

Tipperary County Council is continuing its battle to eradicate Japanese Knotweed.

The invasive plant took over many areas in recent years. However following a concerted effort by the local authority many of these have been brought under control.

Director of Services for Roads with Tipperary County Council Marcus O’Connor says efforts are continuing to keep it in check.

“Transport Infrastructure Ireland has a programme of eradicating it on the National Roads. In fairness it eradicated it in almost all of the locations but there are a few spots where it has been left so they have extended that contract in those areas, and, then in parallel to that, we have allocated €60,000 across the full county to the district engineers to eradicate it on the non national roads, the regional and local roads, but, it’s pretty persistent this Japanese Knotweed so you have to keep after it.”